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Who is a Young Carer?


 A young carer is anyone aged 15-18 years old who supports or looks after someone who has:

  • A physical illness or disability
  • A learning difficulty 
  • Mental Health problems
  • A long-term health problem
  • A substance dependency

A young carer looks after their mum or dad, brother or sister, or a grandparent, They look after the person all by themselves, or they may help someone else to look after them too. 


Many young carers don't even realise they are young carers and their caring role is sometimes not recognised by other people, like friends and teachers. It is important that you are recognised and get the support you need!


What Type of Things do Young Carers do?


Cooking and shopping

Cleaning and laundry

Looking after brothers and sisters

Collecting and giving medication

Managing the family budget

Nursing or personal care

Helping someone communicate

Keeping someone company

Listening to worries and providing emotional support

and much more..........

How Does Being a Young Carer Affect Someone?


Young carers can struggle with their responsibilities and say that they sometimes:

  • Feel tired, stressed or lonely
  • Feel frustrated, anxious and worried
  • Think that they are the only one in this situation and no one understands 
  • Don't know who to trust or talk to
  • Find it difficult to have time with friends
  • Are not able to concentrate because of worry or stress
  • Can't attend after school clubs or trips

But there are positives, and they say that they:

  • Feel proud of themselves for supporting and making a difference in someone's life
  • Get to learn skills that promote independence
  • Have better empathy and understanding for people and the problems they face

How Can Skye & Lochalsh Young Carers Help?


Weekly after school groups where young carers can meet each other and have a chit, snack and do activities

Someone to talk to who understands and will listen to you

Opportunity for one-to-one support with a Young Carer worker

The Chance to go on trips and visit new places

Give you information and advice about the things that are important to you

A break from caring

Emotional Support

Bereavement support

Skill development training to build confidence

Support you to deal with the changes in your life

Advocacy support to help you haveyour say in decisions that affect you and/or your family

Get you support in school




Quotes from our Young Carers


"Young Carers has helped me understand my problems and given me time out from them"

"Regular respite breaks give me something to look forward to"

"Getting a chance to make things at Young Carers helps me"

"Young Carers helps keep me right and I learn about things"

"I get support about things at home if I'm angry or upset"

"Young Carers helped us to do a High School Young Carers Policy so we now all know what we can expect and ask for"

"Getting time out to come to Young Carers when I'm stressed - it really, really helps"

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