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Donations archive from January 2014
January 2014

Aberdeen Drilling Consultants Ltd
Our sincere thanks goes to our loyal and generous supporters at Aberdeen Drilling Consultants Ltd.  The wonderful £600 received will help support our much needed and appreciated respite and support group activities.

Open Door Cafe
Our sincere thanks goes to our friends and supporters at the Open Door Cafe who raised and donated a much appreciated £125.00 to us this month.  These funds will help support our core respite and support group activities.

Kilmuir & Stenscholl Church of Scotland
our most sincere thanks goes to all the families and individuals who donatated £90.00, this money will go towards our respite and support group activities for young carers.

Personal Donation
Thank you for the generous personal donation of £25.00 received this month, this money will help our core activities which all our young carer members benefit from on a weekly basis.

31 January 2014