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Donations archive from November 2017
November 2017

Dunvegan Community Trust
Huge thanks to the Dunvegan Community Trust for the £1,500.00 donation received.  This money will be used to support Christmas respite trips and parties to help build resilience in the lead up the festive season which can be a more stressful and challenging time for many young carers

Bakur Bar, Uig
Thank you so much to the kind and thoughtful Chef's at the Bakur Bar in Uig for organising a fantastic box collection donation of £323.41!  This money will be used to provide some special 'Santa' gifts and for some more vulnerable young carers in our community this Christmas

Stein Inn Patrons, Waternish
Our sincere thanks goes to the patrons of Stein Inn for their very generous collection bottle donation of £259.00.  This money will be used to support the young carer's Christmas respite activities

Skye Emergency Services
A massive thank you to the Skye Emergency Services group who have donated £280.36 to the Young Carer Service.  This money will allow us to purchase some new skill development recourse materials so we can deliver valuable workshops during the coming year to young carers

Alcoholics Anonymous
A big thank you for your much appreciated donation of £50.00 as suggested by Willie Gordon for the use of the Skye tartan at your annual conference.  This money will help toward the Christmas respite programme in the lead up to the festive period which can be more challenging and stressful for many young carers

GWC Sponsorship
A massive thank you to Dolly, Fiona, Marina and Lisa who raised a fantastic total of £725.00 in sponsorship money.  Three of them also completed the 13 mile challenge for us and all four worked together to host fundraising events to boost the sponsorship money raised.  These funds will be used to support our annual respite programme which helps to build resilience and create positive memories to tap into during more difficult times

Fasgadh Stores, Dunvegan
A big thank you to staff and customers at Fasgach Stores for raising a total of £22.55 from the counter collection box.  This money well be used to support our planned Christmas respite breaks

Broadford & Portree Co-op Stores
Thank you so much to the Broadford and Portree Co-op staff, customers and our volunteers for raising a brilliant grand total of £1,511.77 from our sales tables.  This money will help us provide more choices and very much appreciated opportunities for the young carers in our area

The National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music (SEALL)
Massive thank you to Dougie Pincock and everyone involved in organising and participating in the thoroughly enjoyable concert in Sabhal Mor Ostaig in support of Young Carers.  A very much appreciated grand total of £426.00 was raised on the night and will be used support young carers activities during their weekly group sessions

Personal Donations
Our condolences and most sincere thanks goes to the family who donated £83.50 raised from their funeral service collection.  This money will provide additional resource materials for those young carers who have a talent they wish to develop

Our most sincere thanks goes to a young carer family who donated £50.00 raised through the sale of items.  This donation will help us to purchase some new resources so that we can deliver a wider variety of workshops to help increase young carers' knowledge and understanding

Thank you so much to the generous and thoughtful couple who donated the generous sum of £100.00 which they won at the Waternish '100 Club'. This money will go to support the high school age young carer's annual residential weekend which has such a hugely positive impact on them

02 November 2017