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Donations archive from December 2017
December 2017

Rhoda Grant MSP
Thank you so much Rhoda for 2 your latest donations totalling £80.00 received through You Gov and Com Res.  These donations will help support our planned Christmas party activities which the young carer thoroughly enjoy as all games and activities are non-competitive.

Open Door Café, Kyle
Thank you so much to all our loyal friends and supporters at the Open Door Café for the latest donation of £125.00.  This money will be used to support the Christmas party plans for young carers, we will have lots of nibbles, activities and games and for everyone to enjoy.

Enjoy Swift
A massive thank you goes to Enjoy Swift for their very generous donation of £700.00.  This money will be used to purchase materials and resources that support understanding and learning in order to build on existing skills and help identify and nurture new ones.

Uig Gala Committee
Our sincere thanks for your latest very much appreciated donation of £200.00.  This money will be used to help us deliver our varied annual respite programme for the 65 young carers we are currently supporting.

Xcel Church
Thank you so much for your generous donation of selection boxes - every young carer will be receiving this very welcome treat.

Aberdeen Drilling Consultants Ltd
A massive thank you to Douglas and colleagues at Aberdeen Drilling Consultants Ltd for the latest greatly appreciated donation of £500.00.  This money will help us purchase more activity and topic workshop materials so that we can provide high quality resources to support skills development and learning.

Family/Agency & Personal Donations
Our most grateful thanks goes to local families and community supporters who have so kindly and generously donated equipment, clothing and treats for young carers and their families.  This is so much appreciated and particularly at this time of year when life can be more difficult and stressful for many young carer families.

Tesco, Dingwall
A big thank you to Community Champion Tom Norton for the £15.00 voucher to purchase some food treats for the young carers' Christmas parties, they were all enjoyed and appreciated .


11 December 2017