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Donations archive from February 2016
February 2016

Portree Co-op Staff & Customers 
Thank you so much for your loyal support and for your latest very generous collection tin donations amounting to £260.88.  This money will be supporting the Young Carer's quarterly respite programme to make sure all young carers can get a regular break from caring responsibilities and have fun with their supportive young carer friends. 

Fig Ministries
Our sincere thanks to Pastor Peter McDermott and members of the Fig Ministries congregation for the very much appreciated donation of £500.00.  This donation will be used to support the Young Carer's summer respite activity programme, in addition to group outings we will also be providing one to one respite for some more vulnerable young carers who need that extra time and space.

Personal Donations through Clore
Thank you so much to Clore and those involved in donating a very much appreciated £250.00 to S&L Young Carers.  Following feedback from young carers his money will be used to replace some school and kit bags, provide notebooks, pencil cases, pens and pencils as well as some outdoor equipment for young carers' use at Victoria Cottage.

Personal Donation 
Our sincere thanks for the very generous donation of £200.00 and for the support provided to purchase winter jackets and hoodies for some young carers. For some families it is a real challenge to obtain suitable clothing as travelling to Inverness on public transport when coping with illness or disability can be very daunting.  Buying online also has its issues as you can't check sizing accurately and having to return things is something young carers really dislike doing "you think you've got what you've been waiting for and then you have to send it back - it's horrible...)

Jansvans, Portree
A big thank you to staff and customers at Jansvans for the latest collection tin donations totaling £28.95.  This money will help support much needed respite activities for young carers.

02 February 2016