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Donations archive from February 2018
February 2018

A massive thank you goes to MOD BUTEC for their generous corporate donation of £700.00.  This money will help us purchase more activity and skill development resource materials for the 67 young carers we currently supporting in Skye and Lochalsh.

Inside Out
Huge thanks to customers and staff who raised a collection tin total of £55.90 for Young Carers.  This money will be used to support our planned Spring respite break activities, we plan to have fun filled choices between local trips or an away day.

Inga's Sweet Treats
Our sincere thanks goes to Inga for her very generous donation of German biscuits and assorted sweets.  The biscuits have been added to our Young Carers' food bank store and the sweet treats will be distributed to the children during their support group sessions.

Open Door Café
Our grateful thanks go to our loyal supporters at the Open Door Café for their latest donation of £75.00.  This money will help to support our Spring respite plans, each young carer will be given a much needed opportunity to attend a local respite trip or an away day trip to Inverness or Landmark.


13 February 2018