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Donations archive from March 2017
March 2017

COOL Scotland
Our most sincere thanks goes to Dave Mockett and Plockton High School for raising £119.53 from the sale of photographs at the High School Social.  This money will support the cost of our local Spring respite activity programme when many young carers are continuing with their caring responsibilities while many of their friends are on holiday or out and about with friends.

Duncan MacLeod and Genelg Quizzers
Thank you so much for your latest donation of £53.00 which you raised at your recent pub quiz at Glenelg Inn. This money will help us to cover the costs of our local respite activity programme during the Easter break - we have horse riding and Nerf Wars in the planning!

Our grateful thanks goes the Populus which is a research and strategy consultancy.  One of their key stakeholders who recently took part in a research project  waived her fee in favour of Populus making a donation the S&L Young Carers.  The £50.00 received will be used to help purchase some new and much needed indoor and outdoor equipment for the young carer's groups session activities.

Rhoda Grant MSP
Our sincere thanks goes to Rhoda for her latest, very much appreciated donation of £30.00 which was received through YouGov.  This money has been used to help cover the costs of the healthy snacks we provide at each of the weekly group sessions.

Personal Donations
Thank you so much for the 2 personal donations which totalled £60.00 this month.  This money is being used to purchase healthy snacks for the group sessions, these include fresh fruits and vegetables as well as yoghurts and dried fruits.


10 March 2017