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Donations archive from May 2017
May 2017

Open Door Cafe, Kyle
Our sincere thanks to our extremely loyal supporters at the Open Door Cafe for the donation of £200.00.  This money you have provided will help support the cost of our local respite activity programme during the summer break when many young carers see an increase in their caring role while other young people are fortunate enough to be out and about enjoying the freedom.

Fig Christian Fellowship
Thank you all so much for your incredibly generous donation of £500.00.  The funding you have provided will help us deliver a varied local respite activity programme during the summer break - we will be offering respite support to over 60 young carers members in our area.

Kyle Pharmacy
Thank you so much for the very generous donation of £200.00 raised through the sale of second hand books. This money will help to support some of the costs of our local summer respite programme when many young carers are continuing with their responsibilities while friends are on holiday.

Ian & Janet Bradshaw
Firstly, please accept our congratulations on completing the Dunvegan 10k. Secondly, a huge thank you for your greatly appreciated sponsorship donation of £304.64. This money will be used to help purchase the healthy snacks we provide for the 5 weekly group sessions. We will also put some of the money towards purchasing new resources that the young carers have identified as being of benefit to them to use while with us at Victoria Cottage.

Co-op Portree
A most sincere thank you for the incredibly generous donation of £14,162.97 that you awarded us from the local community fund. This will boost the young carers self esteem and confidence knowing that the community recognise and support them. The money will support us to provide our 5 weekly sessions during term time and also our respite trips which are essential to allow the children a break from their caring responsibilities.

XCEL ChurchThank you for the very generous donation of Easter eggs for the young carers and our volunteers. All of the children were very grateful for the eggs and thrilled that there was such a lovely selection. Providing eggs for the volunteers who give up so much of their time and energy to support young carers was much appreciated by them all.

Personal DonationsA huge thank you for the personal donations totalling £1450.00. These donations will help us to provide healthy snacks for the young carers and also help towards our summer "Dealing with Loss & Change" residential programmes.

08 May 2017