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Donations archive from June 2018
June 2018

Open Door Café
Sincere thanks to our loyal friends and supporters at the Open Door Café for the latest £175.00 donation which will be used to support the planned summer respite trips for young carers.  They are busy making their choices at the moment and options will include local trips and away days as far away as Aviemore this year!

Go Cocoa
Huge thank you to Kenna and helper Irene for running a complementary chocolate workshop for young carers and for donating £25.00 from proceeds raised from the Chocolate Tots workshops based at Victoria Cottage on the 16th of June.  The results were enjoyed by everyone!

Many thanks indeed for the generous donation total of £36.94 received from the counter collection tin.  The money will be used to provide much needed travel snacks while on our respite away trips over the summer holiday period.


19 June 2018