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Donations archive from August 2017
August 2017

Agricultural Show
A very big thank you to SLCVO and our volunteers and supporters who helped raised a total of £308.50 at our fundraising stall. This money will be used to meet the needs of some more vulnerable young carers who require one to one activity support to help build their confidence and self-esteem.

Skye Games Committee
A massive thanks you goes to the Skye Games Committee and our volunteers for their support in raising a fantastic grand total of £1944.16 on the day!  This money which was collected from managing car parks and cleaning up the arena will be used to support our young carer's transport costs, without transport they would not be able to meet together for mutual support and respite break activities.

RSCDS Isle of Skye Branch
Sincere thanks to the Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society for their generous and thoughtful donation of £150.00 which was raised during the annual May weekend raffle.  This money will be used to help cover the costs of providing healthy fruit and vegetable snacks for the 5 group sessions we run each week.

The Royal Caledonian Charities Trust
Thank you so much to the supporter who personally donated £100.00 to the Young Carer cause.  This much appreciated money will be used to support the individual needs and interests of some of our more vulnerable members.

Personal Donations
Huge thanks goes to those who made personal donations totally £400.00 this month.  As requested, some of this money will be used to support the purchase of Starbucks cards for young carers going on the planned annual Edinburgh residential - so they can stop for a rest, a hot chocolate and muffin when they run out of steam! The rest of the funds will be used to purchase foods with high nutrient content for the benefit of the young carers.

Willie Gordon
Sincere thanks to Willie for the much appreciated donation of £50.00 which was received from the hire of tartan provided for the Skye Games stage decoration.  This money will be used to help cover the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables provided at the group sessions.

Sleat Whist
Thank you so much for your loyal and generous support which totalled £210.00.  This money will be used to purchase materials and equipment to support the interests and skills of individual young carers so that their talents are nurtured and encouraged.

Ardvasar Cafe, Sleat
A massive thank you to all the very generous volunteers and supporters who came together for a fundraising lunch, raffle and silent auction in support of Young Carers.  The brilliant total of £1003.67 will be used to support the young carer's respite breaks which are so needed and appreciated by all the participants.

Misty Isle Boat Trip & BBQ
Huge thanks go to our many friends and supporters who came on the Misty Isle Boat Trip & BBQ in support of Young Carers.  Special thanks to Shea and Anne and crew for providing the boat trip with whales along side for company! Donald and Ann Bethune for the delicious BBQ and to the musicians who provided the lovely entertainment. A fantastic grand total of £1007.00 was raised on the night and will be used to help cover the costs of the planned respite activities over the autumn/winter period.



28 August 2017

July 2017

Open Door Cafe, Kyle
Sincere thanks to all our loyal supporters at the Open Door Cafe for the latest generous donation of £125.00.  This money will help us purchase some camera equipment for the "This is Good for You" Project we will be running in partnership with the Aros Centre in Portree.  We will have 6 photography and/or model making sessions running during the summer break and we hope to have an exhibition of the young carer's work showing in September!

Lochalsh Christian Fellowship
A very big thank you to the Lochalsh Christian Fellowship congregation for generous and very much appreciated donation of £250.00.  This money will us used to support some of the costs of our local respite activity programme which will be running each week during the summer school break.

Catriona Allan - Sponsored Walk
A massive thank you to Catriona Allan and everyone who supported the sponsored walk to mark her retirement from the teaching profession.  The amazing sum of £1287.38 was raised for Young Carers, this money will be used to purchase much needed arts, crafts and educational materials for use during the 5 weekly support group sessions.

28 August 2017