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Poems by Us

We Stand like mountains

Mountains stand tall
They never, ever fall
Young Carers stand small on the land
We're people's defender
We never surrender
It just goes to show
However many blows
That we suffer
We'll prove tougher

The cared for person is like the sun,
their rays affect all those about them on a daily basis.
On good days their achievements are marvelled at
and on bad days they are supported by all around them.
They are seen and their influence 
is always felt.

I am like the moon,I am not seen unless you look for me,
I affect so many things but they often go unnoticed..
I am awake at night and out shone in the day.

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A doorway to a rainbow opens in our hearts,
It's fine array of colours always shines through,
Our hope lies hidden behind that door,
but comes through
as we're loyal and true

A river always finishes it's journey young carers can't be sure to finish theirs.
Their duty in life is to look after others but they're weighed down by their cares


Quotes by Us

Is it because of my size and age you
assume I don't have adult responsibilites?
Remember, what you might think is reassuring
can come across to me as patronizing.
Please don't exclude me as my imagination is often much worse than the truth.


I remember visting my mother in hospital,
she had tubes going in her arm and an oxygen mask on.
There was no-one around to prepare me even though I am her main carer.
I had to go out of the room to stop myself getting upset in front of her.
Then came along a nurse who tells me "if you're here to visit then stay in the room please - Hospitals are busy places you know!"
She didn't even ask if I was ok,  but I bet she would have done if I'd been an adult!


Hands up those who think a cared for person going into hospital gives a respite break to young carers!
Not so! in fact it is usually one of my busiest times because this is when I do the painting and decorating and make home more welcoming for mum, and just as an added bonus home care is taken away and I am 
left to do the other housework, prepare the meals, look after my sister and of course - do my studying for school!!!