Respite trips

Each year we have a variety of respite trips, at Easter, during the October holidays, in the summer and at Christmas. We choose which activity we want to do each time. Recent activities have included swimming, horse riding, eating out, shopping trips, trips to the cinema, trips to Landmark, boat trips, ice skating, and residential trips to Inverness and Edinburgh for the older members. In the past, we have also been go-karting, bowling, quad-biking, and had trips to the circus.  During the summer holidays we do art sessions, and we have also done workshops which have included making an animation film about being a young carer and making a music jingle for advertising young carers on the local radio. We have also been to the Young Carers festival in West Linton, near Edinburgh which has been great fun.

Ice skating 2011 07 05 5570 Quad biking